Deva Daya's therapeutic system was channeled under the guidance of Ascended Masters who found in her the conditions of dedication and knowledge of many lives working with healing, which were necessary to bring to consciousness the technique as a whole sytem.

New Life Therapy is a frequency Therapy.

In addition to bringing great results of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing; it promotes awareness awakening and inner transformation.

In these meetings, after a period of conversation, the client lies down to receive the alchemical frequency keys application.

The amount of love for each encrypted key is so great that they activate dormant records in us of health, abundance, joy and freedom.

For this to happen there are certain energy centers and connection channels between these energy centers that are activated and aligned.

This is a process of reconnecting with nature, the Great Mother of Life.

Certain internal portals that were closed are opened, and thus, we are given the right to be reborn.

This is a process of releasing conditioning, negative patterns, etc. The Soul is free to experience what it wants to experience, with much more lightness, with much more strength and in connection with the magic of being alive on this wonderful planet!

It is an apparently simple treatment, however, deeply transforming; that promotes the flowering of Being.

This method of deep healing prepares our being to live on the New Earth.

New Life Therapy is applied in five sessions with an interval of 3 to 10 days.

Each session takes around 1:15 pm.
In each meeting a subject is worked on:

1. Being here and now: opening your heart to a New Life.

2. Live with authenticity: listen to the heart and strengthen your own will.

3. Presence: asserting oneself, taking root, taking care of oneself and setting limits.

4. Wisdom: letting go of everything that keeps us from being happy.

5. Creation: deciding how to keep walking in this New Life.

This treatment is supported by the connection with "Flower of Love" flower remedies, developed by Deva Daya within the same alchemical frequency to sustain this flowering with great sweetness!

To understand more contact us.

Communication to Axial Reconnection Therapists

After the arrival of "Flower of Love" flower remedies, the Axial Reconnection techniques: The Rescue, Cellular Update, The Healing and The Harmony were unified in a single treatment of 5 sessions.

This therapeutic technique that was originally called Axial Reconnection has evolved, becoming called New Life Therapy and being applied in only 5 sessions (the 4 levels of Reconnection consisted of 20 sessions).

All Therapists trained in Axial Reconnection who wish to update themselves can get in touch to receive the Initiation in New Life Therapy.

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