New Life School

Higher Alchemy

In the universe, matter is in a permanent process of "ascension", of subtlety, of purification. This purification is something like a process of extracting the “inner gold”, the essence. 

  - from the book "Love is the Key" by Deva Daya

This School of Higher Alchemy it is the result of a dream set to contribute with my personal wisdom to the awakening of humanity.


It is by this awakening of consciousness that the seeds of love for the earth will be scattered and nourished and thus the new earth will be a reality.

Many people are ready today to receive the gift of welcoming within him the possibility of becoming the global change agents. 

Through the meeting with the potential for intrinsic love and activating the connection with the Planetary  Source of Love that it is posible to anchor the energy required for humanity to transcend towards a new stage, in which the individual perception of well-being is intertwined with the overall well-being. 

This universalistic movement seeks to transcend religious, social and cultural barriers through Love, a quality that exists in all of us regardless of how we manifest. 

Love is the glue that binds and gathers, and only through Love we will enter into a new stage on the planet, which will enable the prosperity of beings in all aspects.

A new phase of harmony, spirituality and collaboration already started, brought by ordinary people who aspire to live on this beautiful planet in communion and integration.

The activities developed by New Life School crave spiritual wealth, loving connection and restoring the lost balance. Thus promoting a just and happy life for all beings!

If you wholeheartedly wish to participate or contribute, please contact us to offer your support to this work of love!

With gratitude,

 - Deva Daya

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